Biotayarns Handspun yarn in "Limey mushroom" colorway - wool/mohair blend - knit, weave, crochet


This is a 3 ounce, 124 yard skein of lofty, woolen spun yarn!
A magically green colorway comes to life as a reminiscence of pasture meadow in the spring.

1 ply is 60% Bluefaced leicester & Wensleydale wools blended with 40% mohair, carded and handspun
and the other ply is a handspun mohair, mushroom dyed yarn.
Ultimately it is a sport weight yarn - perfect for weaving or other handwork.

The high luster wool & mohair fibers are raised at Dakota Carding & Wool Farm.
These local fibers are washed, dyed, carded & hand spun by biotayarns, at my studio on the prairie of South Dakota where I watch the spring sky unfold its glory everyday. In the spring we also watch the sky for signs of rain showers and thunderstorms. It is a beautiful and wide open space.

I plied the singles hand spun yarn with another handspun yarn

This yarn is hand washable.

Please remember that colors may appear different on your monitor than in real life. Every effort has been made to convey the colors in my photos as the yarn appears to me in person. Photos are taken outdoors in daylight without any color effects.
I dye yarn/fiber using professional acid dyes. This wool/yarn was rinsed after dyeing. Hand dyed yarns might bleed color slightly during their first washing.

Thank you for looking.
peace & wool

Price: $31.00
Weight: 4 oz