Peaches 'n Creme - biotayarns wool blend for spinning and felting


BFL, Border Leicester wool gently washed, dyed and carded together with Alpaca and a bit of firestar (nylon sparkle) for a beautiful hand spinning experience. Create your own yarn!

Peaches 'n Creme is a color blend of soft peach, pinks and salmon carded together into a fully prepared cloud for hand spinners and felters.

You will receive a 4 ounce bag of carded cloud ready for handspinning or felting. I must emphasize that this carded cloud is very easy to spin and flows like butter from your hands to the bobbin; this is a picked and carded cloud. The long staple of the fibers makes spinning this blend a very good choice for the beginning hand spinner.

The animals whose fibers are in this blend were raised by shepherd's dedicated to the fiber arts and to their fiber animals. At Dakota Carding & Wool we pasture raise our sheep and maintain a non medicated, healthy environment for our four-legged friends!
All of the fibers have been carefully sheared, washed, dyed and carded using ecologically safe soaps and dyes.

Please remember that colors may appear different on your monitor than in real life. Every effort has been made to convey the colors in my photos as the fiber blend appears to me in person. These stock photos are taken in natural daylight without any color effects. I card many pounds of this fiber blend colorway some variation between batches will exist, similar to dye lots in yarn.

Thanks for looking,
Peace & wool

Price: $24.00
Weight: 4 oz