Carded Wool Blends and Yarn


Custom Carding

Dakota Carding & Wool Co. offers you custom fiber processing of your wool, animal fibers, exotics and misc. fibers. We are a cottage industry carding mill providing you with affordable custom washing and carding of your animal/plant/pet fibers.

Twisting fibers on spinning wheels into yarn is a wonderful process of individual creation. As a yarn farmer, biotayarns© sells unique carded Bluefaced Leicester wool blends from her flock & local raised fibers for you to spin into your own unique yarns. We sell spinning wheels, locally raised wool, yarn, looms, knitting needles, felting supplies and wearable art at Dakota Carding & Wool.  Email here, call or text to make an appointment.

Our mission is to add value to local wool products while living in a sustainable environment that supports the regeneration of our ecosystem.

  • Custom washing and carding of your wool and other fibers.
  • Beautiful handspun & millspun yarns created from local fiber sources.
  • Specialized carded wool color blends for your spinning & felting projects.

Biotayarns© wearable art designs, color fiber blends & yarns created at Dakota Carding & Wool are one of a kind creations inspired by the colors that grace the prairie landscape.