Hand Cards (Mini) - for carding wool - Schacht Mini Carders


Hand cards are a valuable tool for prepping your wool.  There are a variety of sizes and styles available and Schacht has built a lifetime of service into their hand carders.

Pictured and listed here are the Mini Carders, a set of two for $72.00. The Schacht Mini Carders are a pint-sized version of their curved wool carders. The light weight and smaller size of the Mini Carders mikes them quite popular. Available only with curved backs and 72 psi carding cloth. The paddle measures: 4" × 4"

The Schacht Curved Carders have paddles which are specially shaped to protect the card cloth from wear, and they attach to the handles with tenons for superior strength. Choose straight or curved backs, with 72 points per square inch (an all purpose carding cloth) or 112 points per square inch (great for fine wool and downy fibers).

Please message us if you are interested in the Standard size, the Cotton Carders or the Flick Carder.

Thank you for looking.

Price: $76.00
Weight: 11 oz