Needle Felting Starter Kit - Fiber Trends - made in the usa


Fiber Trends - Needle Felting Starter Kit includes:

  • Basic Instructions;
  • 4 Assorted Needles - 1#40, 2#38, 1#36 - color coded for easy identification
  • Firm foam work surface; 
  • Instructions for a heart shaped coaster
  • fiber not included.

We sell only top quality US made felting needles.

Dakota Carding and Wool Co. sells a variety of natural colored and vibrantly dyed carded wool for felting.  1 ounce bags of carded wool are $4.50 - Please send a message about what colors you need and we will put together a custom order of carded wool for your felting project. 

Price: $13.50
Weight: 4 oz