Natural plant dyed yarn, Biotayarns' cormo wool yarn, worsted weight yarn


Wool yarn dyed with plant dyes, a natural alternative and perfect for the weaver, knitter or crochet artist. I am busy dyeing yarns with plant dyes using potassium aluminum sulfate as the mordant.  If you do not see a color you are looking for please check back as the growing season progresses and I gather more dye plants.

2 skeins - your choice. You choose from what is currently available and ready to ship. Maybe Indigo blue and Madder orange....please indicate what colors your are interested in when you place your order and I will confirm with you before I ship your order! 

Beautiful, lightfast, natural dyes:  Indigo blue, Madder orange, Marigold, Cochineal red or pink, Black Walnut brown, Alkanet gray, Basil Green, Yarrow yellow, Mullein yellow-green etc. 

Our stock of some of these colors is currently low but we will have more as the 2017 summer harvest yields more dye plants from which to obtain more floral colors!

Biotayarns locally produced, worsted weight yarn featuring 100% Cormo wool; 3 ply millspun yarn from sheep grown and raised in the great plains.

This heirloom quality wool yarn is super soft, perfect for cowls, hats, baby garments and other special hand worked accessories.

Each skein is approximately 200 yards and 3.8 ounces. 

Knitting gauge is approximately 5 sts/inch on size 6-8 knitting needles.

Please contact us if you have any questions and Thank you for looking.

Price: $48.00
Weight: 0.5 lb