24 carat - carded wool blend for handspinning, felting and crafts


Let the sun shine!

Local raised BFL wool, Border Leicester wool and fine grade Alpaca are blended together with a 'lil bit of sari silk & firestar for a unique and colorful spinning experience.

You will receive a 4 ounce bag of carded cloud ready for handspinning or felting. I must emphasize that this carded cloud is very easy to spin and flows like butter from your hands to the bobbin. The long staple of the fibers makes spinning this blend a very good choice for the beginning hand spinner and a color treat for the advanced spinner!  Carded cloud blend is perfect for felt making (wet and needle) due to the ease of this blend of  breed wool felting fiber and preparation.

24 Carat colorway is also available in 8oz lots. For more or less please contact me for availability. 

The pictures show the carded fiber for sale, a handspun-bulky skein of yarn spun from this blend, and the yarn knit into a garment.

Thank you for looking.

Price: $21.00
Weight: 4 oz