Navajo Churro Wool - natural colored, carded cloud - 16 oz. for hand spinning or felting


A carded cloud preparation of Navajo sheepswool in a natural gray color.  This fleece was harvested from Churro sheep raised by J Begay of Ganado Arizona.

Churro wool characteristics are long tapered fibers with pointed tips. The fleece is open and double-coated with relatively little grease and this gray fleece is typical of the Navajo Churro.  I have gently washed and carded the fleece and it is available for a one of a kind spinning (or felting) experience....the possibilities are endless!  

You are purchasing 16 ounces of this fleece which is thoroughly carded and ready for spinning/weaving or felting.

Pictured, for your reference, is a photo of the uncarded wool fibers.

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Price: $42.00
Weight: 1 lb