Bulky wool yarn - Biotayarns' SD handspun, wool color blend yarn - 202 yards


Soft and bulky, single ply, Monet's garden handspun yarn from local wool sources: BFL, Shetland and Teeswater carded and spun into an artisan yarn.

1 skein for sale as one lot. Total yardage is: 202 yards and total weight is:             ounces.  Pictures up soon....

This yarn was created from gently harvested wool locks dyed with professional protein fiber dyes.  I blend and card the wool locks on "Clara" our industrial carding mill and then handspin the carded preparation on a spinning wheel to make the yarn.

This a woolen spun yarn that is durable & soft; perfect for knitting or crocheting a cowl, hat or mittens.

This yarn and the project you make with it should be hand washed & layed flat to air dry.

I am Biotayarns©, a yarn farmer living in SD, raising sheep and angora goats and spinning their locks.  I will also card your wool & fibers.

"it's about making yarn by hand."

Thank you for looking.


Price: $51.00
Weight: 12 oz