Biotayarns 'barn shawl' - "24 carat" colorway - artisan yarns, hand knit shawl in size Large


This shawl is created from wool fleece raised, sheared, washed, carded and spun on our family farm in SD. Knitting this shawl is the final step in the fleece to shawl process I undertake with the wool I raise.

Brilliant golds and pale yellows are intertwined in this hand spun, hand knit wool blend shawl made from my flock. A thick 2 ply spiral of bulky, handspun yarn in shades of golden wool and mohair have been knit into a bulky lace triangular form.

Golden plant dyes and bright yellow fiber dyes were used to dye the wool locks from my flock. Then the wool and mohair fibers were picked and carded into a cloud at Dakota Carding and Wool Co. I am honored to be able to spin these locally raised fibers into yarns for knitting, weaving or crocheting projects.

This shawl measures 90" wide X 40" in length. This triangular shaped shawl may be pinned in the front to hold the shawl closed. It will look lovely over a black dress.

Please hand wash this shawl with a mild soap, rinse and then lay flat to air dry.

Thank you for looking at this hand made shawl. If you are curious about my BFL sheep, Angora goats and fiber endeavors please check out Dakota Carding and Wool on Facebook.
This color blend is also available for your own spinning pleasure; listed as 24 carat in 4 oz. quantities.
peace & wool

Price: $142.00
Weight: 2 lb