Who grows your yarn? South Dakota biotayarns


Dakota Carding and Wool bumper sticker - who grows your yarn?

This listing is for a Dakota Carding and Wool bumper sticker.  The actual sticker measures 10" in length and 3" wide.

We continue to ask the questions concerning sustainable wool production - where do you source your wool yarn?

What is Biotayarns© wool yarn?

Biotayarns features local, healthy, fleeces raised by sheep producers and processed by local wool businesses who are dedicated to making quality yarns for fiber artists. The wool yarn is hand washable.

Biotayarns uses natural dyes to color wool locks from my sheep and wool yarns raised in SD. During the summer my garden is bursting at the seams with plenty of plant material to dye wool. This SD grown wool yarn was dyed with the a plant dye derived from plants growing in my garden.  This all natural dye from local flora is light fast and the color will not wash out. All yarn is dyed, rinsed and ready to use in your next fiber arts project.  There are many factors that influence the color produced from flora so variations in the yellow color derived from this plant dye is part of the nature of this yarn.

Yarn is also available for sale at our farm near Groton, SD the location of Dakota Carding & Wool Co.

Thank you for supporting local wool and sustainable sheep and wool production - it really is good for the planet!

wHo gR0ws yOuR YaRn?

Price: $3.00
Weight: 1 oz