Biotayarns "Butte" plant dyed, Cheviot wool yarn raised in South Dakota - medium weight


Biotayarns' © Butte is a Cheviot wool yarn raised in South Dakota.  A wool yarn suitable for soft-enough, sturdy textiles with nice body, this medium weight yarn is perfect for hats, mittens, socks and shawls. Each skein is:

230 yards - approx. 125 grams
2 ply medium weight
4-5 sts /inch on
Needle size 4-6 US

This South Dakota grown wool yarn created from Cheviot wool raised by Shepard's Pride in Newell, SD starts as a natural white color and is then dyed with plant dyes derived from SD flora.

Biotayarns uses natural dyes to color wool locks from my sheep and wool yarns raised in SD. During the summer my garden is bursting at the seams with plenty of plant material to dye wool. This SD grown wool yarn was dyed with the a plant dye derived from the blossoms of Dyer's Chamomile growing in my garden.  This all natural dye from local flora is light fast and the color will not wash out. All yarn is dyed, rinsed and ready to use in your next fiber arts project.  There are many factors that influence the color produced from flora so variations in the yellow color derived from this plant dye is part of the nature of this yarn. 

"Cheviot wool feels friendly, perfect for knitting garments or weaving fabrics with both body and bounce.  The fibers have a unique, three-dimensional crimp that gives them resilience. Although Cheviots aren't among the core Down breeds their wool falls into the same general range, though it's usually longer and just a bit stiffer than the characteristic down springiness." from the Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook by Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius

Biotayarns features local, healthy, fleeces raised by sheep producers and processed by local wool businesses who are dedicated to making quality yarns for fiber artists. This yarn is hand washable. Please remember that colors may appear different on your monitor than in real life. Every effort has been made to convey the colors in my photos as the yarn appears to me in person.

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Handwashable and lay flat to air dry.

This yarn is also available for sale at our farm near Groton, SD at Dakota Carding & Wool Co.
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Price: $21.00
Weight: 4 oz