Biotayarns South Dakota yarn, medium weight wool yarn


Biotayarns wool yarn raised in South Dakota.  Currently working on a batch of yarn for Summer 2021.

Biotayarns' wool yarn is available in fabulous natural plant dyed colors!! 

{ I use natural dyes to color wool locks and wool yarn I have harvested from my sheep or other local flocks. I cultivate many dye plants in my garden as well as forage local prairie plants for their color abundance to dye wool. I obtain the color from blossoms and plants and roots all growing in my garden as well as husks and leaves from our black walnut trees.  Natural dyes are light fast and the color will not wash out.}

The handknitting picture with Bear Butte framed by the basket handle does highlight a plant dyed yarn

Thank you for looking.

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Weight: 4 oz