Handspun yarn - Biotayarns South Dakota


A skein of Shetland, Clun Forest & Cheviot wool yarn raised in South Dakota.  Biotayarns© is handspun from local wool and exotic fleeces.

This skein of handspun yarn is a soft wool in pinks and purples blended together in a variegated fashion.

2 ply sport weight - 116 yards - 2.6 ounces and it is a handwash item

Biotayarns' handspun wool yarn is available in fabulous colors!! A variety of dyes are used to color the wool which is carded on our industrial carding mill before it is spun on spinning wheels into yarns that will be used for knitting, crocheting, weaving etc.

Here at Dakota Carding and Wool we support shepherds who raise wool in the region by purchasing their finest fleeces to process into beautiful carded blends for spinning.  Biotayarns enjoys spinning these blends into yarns and usually has more yarn than can possibly be utilized by one person!

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Price: $33.00
Weight: 3 oz