Spring Shawl - Biotayarns handspun & handknit art


This handknit shawl is made from wool fibers grown and processed in the regional fibershed. It is sewn together into a poncho style wrap allowing for free use of arms and hands while wearing the soft warmth of wool.

~ wearable art created from a carded cloud at Dakota Carding and Wool Co

~ soft and dreamy handspun yarn knit into the shawl wrap/poncho

Dimensions:  18" long x 24" wide - circumference at widest point is 50"

Colors include: white, blush pink with shots of lavender

The wool is gently harvested from purposeful sheep growing wool in South Dakota. The locks are washed, dyed and carded at Dakota Carding and Wool studio in rural James, SD.  The next step is spinning the carded cloud of wool into yarn on a spinning wheel.  After a quick wash and setting of the yarn it is wound into a ball and the knitting begins....

Hand wash woolen garments in cool water with a mild detergent, rinse and lay flat to air dry.
You are welcome to request a custom order for this style of shawl.
Thank you for looking.

Price: $125.00
Weight: 8 oz