Lichen, a carded wool color blend - Lichen - carded wool blend, Biotayarns Hand spinning


A popular blend that is being made and soon to list here.

This blend of fibers is a great combination for hand spinning or to use in felting a hat or vessel.  Whether you are a beginner, advanced spinner or felter you will appreciate the beauty of this blend of BFL, Border Leicester and very soft Alpaca!!

For this Biotayarns carded cloud I dyed wool locks using protein fiber dyes. The wool locks were then hand blended and carded together into a cloud of spinning bliss here at DCW on our early 20th century carding mill.   This colorway resembles the natural colors of lichen growing on tree bark and fence posts here in South Dakota.

The animal fibers used in this blend were raised by local shepherds dedicated to raising Wool breed sheep, Alpacas and Llamas in healthy, sustainable environments.

Please remember that colors may appear different on your monitor than in real life. Every effort has been made to convey the colors in my photos as the fiber blend appears to me in person. Photos are taken in natural daylight without any color effects. I card many pounds of fiber blend colorways and variation between batches will exist; similar to different dye lots of yarn.  
Thank you for looking.
Support local shepherds and renewable products!


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