SpinOlution 32 ounce upgrade for Mach 3 and Firefly


SpinOlution upgrades include everything you need to add a new size to your wheel base. This is a brand new upgrade with the Corian Whorl and this comes with a driveband for the firefly.

A head (attaches into the base of your wheel)
A flyer (has a back with whorls, arms, and an orifice bar and holds the bobbin)
A hook orifice bar (attaches to the flyer magnetically)
A bobbin (slides onto the flyer and is secured to the back with a magnet)

The Modular Mach III & Firefly flyer head is the same and this is a 32 ounce upgrade.
This size is ideal for production art and bulky yarn spinners who need large amounts of yardage for big projects, or need extra room for plying big skeins.

32 oz setup fits the following wheel models: MACH III, Firefly, and Hopper.
Reg Price: $489.00 on SALE: $399.00

Thank you for looking.

Price: $399.00
Weight: 5 lb