Chicago Blues - Opalescence Cloud - 4 oz. Handspinning Fiber


A blend of vibrant dyed blue fibers, from sky blue to royal to navy blues, designed especially for creativity in spinning and felting projects. This blend is created from homegrown, hand washed, dyed, blended and carded leicester wool, merino wool, mohair, alpaca, firestar and glitz added for extra sparkle. Approx. 1/3 wool, 1/3 alpaca and 1/3 mohair.

You are purchasing a 4 ounce cloud of fiber that is easy to spin and creates a fantastic, colorful handspun yarn. 

This colorway is also available in 8oz and 1 pound lots. For more or less please contact me for availability and discounts on quantities greater than 2 pounds. 

Handwashable. Sustainably raised and processed.

Price: $18.00
Weight: 4 oz